Heya Foodies

 During lockdown, we coudn’t eat out, get coffees, hit up the local bar or restuarant.  Life was hard. 

But it also provides an opportunity to ….

Give Back

Feed Families by giving to the Auckland City Mission

Support Local

Help out your local cafes, bar or restaurant by having a good time!

Just for fun, have play around to see how much you didn’t spend during lockdown. Go on. 

Average number of coffees purchased per week normally?


Average cost per coffee?

$ {{this.formatCurrency(coffeeCostPerCoffee)}}

Cost of gym membership per week?

$ {{this.formatCurrency(gymCostPerWeek)}}

Choose your mode of transportation to work:




Average number of days a week you normally drive to work?


Length of daily one-way commute each way?


What is your petrol cost per km?

$ {{this.formatCurrency(commuteDrivePetrolCostPerKm)}}

What do you pay per day in parking?


How much do you pay each way to work?

$ {{this.formatCurrency(commutePTOneWayTicket)}}

How many days a week do you take public transport to work?


Average number of beers purchased (e.g. at bars and restaurants) per week?


Average number of glasses of wine purchased per week?


Average number of cocktails purchased per week?


Cost of beer per drink?

$ {{this.formatCurrency(barTabCostPerBeer)}}

Cost of wine per drink?

$ {{this.formatCurrency(barTabCostPerWine)}}

Cost of cocktail per drink?

$ {{this.formatCurrency(barTabCostPerCocktail)}}

Average number of lunches out per week normally?


Average spend for each lunch out?

$ {{this.formatCurrency(diningSpendPerLunch)}}

Average number of dinners out per week normally?


Average spend for each dinner out?

$ {{this.formatCurrency(diningSpendPerDinner)}}

Number of weeks you stopped buying


What percentage would you like to give?

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Your Impact

$ {{ impact }}

Advanced Settings

OK, here's how it works

(1) Click “donate” to give some what you didn’t spend. Then return back to this tab. .

(2) Get your friends together, and go visit your local (the one who sent you this campaign) and spend that money on a good time! 

 If you show them your donation receipt, they might just throw in a special treat for you! Join the FB event for more details ..

Is your cafe, bar or Restaurant missing out?

Get in touch and we’ll work with you to make it happen. Let’s make our aroha more infectious than covid!  

Your Fish & Chips
Can help feed our whānau
Koha your coffee
and keep us awake to justice
Your Drinks
Keep us sober to the needs of others

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